Villas Riviera Pavones costa rica
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Local Services:

Riviera is centrally located in close proximity to the surf and beaches of downtown Pavones. Walk in one minute to the charming fishing village of Pavones where there are a variety of service stores including: small markets, gift shops, surf shop and restaurants. Choose from a variety of cuisine to suit your mood including: Mediterranean, vegetarian, sea food, Italian, and of course typical Costa Rican. Laundry service is available at the hotel. Note:There are no ATM or Banks in Pavones, Costa Rica cash is the preferred method of payment.

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Adventures and Relaxation:

Whether you are ready for an adventure or just looking to relax, Riviera is the perfect place to enjoy your Costa Rican vacation. Horseback riding, surf lessons, therapeutic massage, Spanish lessons, rainforest hikes, fishing, surfing boat excursions, and yoga classes are just some of the options available to you during your stay at Riviera. Bike, surfboard and quad rentals are also available.